We believe in the transformative power of technology and its ability to create experiences, beautify our life and make it easier. We understand the hospitality industry and we want to create solutions that really make an impact. With many cumbersome solutions on the market, we started thinking about an app to gather all the hotel processes under a single umbrella, transforming it into a userfriendly management tool. Having it at the core of our development process, we ardently pursued the basic idea of ‘happy customers are the best advertisement for any product.

Either for leisure or for business, hotels have become a part of our social life. Customers always look for comfort when they are away from home but the obsolete technologies that are used today in most of the hotels create frustration for both hotel staff and guests.

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Cost Effective

We know that keeping the balance between excellent service and reduced costs is not an easy task.It is a big challenge to keep guests happy but we’re doing our best to help you with this. Providing superior guest experiences comes at a very high cost as every request and service require additional resources. And we all know that even when we try our best, it’s impossible to make everyone happy.

The Perfect Solution

Our personal experiences made us think about a solution for this situation. We’ve done our research, we looked at what works and what doesn’t, we found out what’s missing from the market – and that’s how FineStay came to life.

FineStay is the obvious choice for your business.

By bringing all the services in your hotel under a single umbrella, you can truly focus on the guest experience and business growth. Let’s meet
and exceed your guests’ expectations!