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The travelling and business environments have evolved tremendously in the past decade, prompting hotel owners to aim for an extraordinary guest experience. Gone are the days when your guests would need to wait too much for checking-in or receiving a service they requested. FineStay is an all-in-one solution that seamlessly connects your hotel departments and guests. We have created a great mix of leading-edge technology and business processes to provide extra support to your staff and delight your guests.

Effective Self-Service Free your staff and offer a 24/7 service to your guests

Guests will be able to instantly request services using FineStay - this will reduce staff workload and streamline communications between clients and your hotel.

Build Guest Loyalty Go the extra mile to achieve service excellence

Satisfied customers outstrip many marketing efforts. Using FineStay, you can reward your guests with loyalty points, which will increase the chance of their return or recommend your hotel to other people.

Feedback as an Improvement Tool Listen to your guests thoughts and grow your business more

During or after their stay - guests can leave feedback and give you the chance to transform any negative experience into an extraordinary review.

Deep Customer Engagement Everyone loves it

There are over 7,000 languages spoken in the world. You can't know them all , but Finestay surecan help with that. You'll have your own 24/7 translator that helps you overcome any

Efficient Workforce Management Same staff, 1000% optimisation

When everyone in your hotel knows what to do and workloads are efficiently prioritised, you are one step closer to a best-in-class service. With FineStay, manage workload and client expectations, be ready for peak activity and quickly escalate any issues.

Create better offers and services Through powerful vendor management

Partner with local providers to offer your customers additional services, such as flower delivery or taxi ordering. Keep a close eye on your commercial partnerships so that you can get the best value, for you and your customers.

Let Technology Work in your Advantage All of the latest developments at your fingertip

The latest advancements in technology bring unrivalled benefits to every business. With FineStay, you have access to a wide range of modern technologies such as energy monitoring, indoor maps, chatbots, video/audio conferencing, live chats and many others.

Your all-in-one hotel management software that focuses on guest satisfaction, service excellence, staff management and increased profitability.