ADDING EXtra elegance to your hotel

Hotels have become very much a part of our social life. But the obsolete technologies most hotels rely on today result in delay and desperation during a stay. This will directly affect the guest experience. As Attention, accuracy and efficiency in the service are the key factors to achieve customer satisfaction. FineStay brings all the departments of the hotel together and keeps it connected. This saves time for both customers and the staff. Our focus was not just on the customers, but also on the hotel staff who runs the show with great effort. FineStay makes it simple for the customers and easy for the hotel staff.

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FineStay keeps all your concierge services easy and customer friendly. No more queuing up, no more long conversations or call waiting on the phone. A few taps on the app, all their needs will be attended.. 

Simplifying Guest experience




A happy customer is the best advertisement for you. FineStay makes it easy for you to provide world class customer service EVERY TIME!

Changing Guest Expectations; How to determine what is best for your Customers and Business.